G2 General Course 2
G2 Cat breeding for beginners

G2 - General Course 2 - Cat breeding for beginners

The G2 course has the following contents:

  • Responsibilities of the breeder
  • Housing and care - laws, permissions and regulations
  • Mentorship
  • Breeding plan
  • Choosing your breeding cats
  • Owning a stud
  • Owning a breeding female
  • Birth control pills
  • Basic genetics
  • Colour genetics
  • Genetic diseases and defects
  • Infectious diseases
  • Mating
  • Pregnancy
  • Delivery of the kittens
  • Determining the sex of the kittens
  • Defects in the kittens
  • Hand feeding kittens
  • Colour determination
  • Registration and certificates
  • Development of the kittens
  • Evaluating and selecting the kittens
  • Selling the kittens

This course is running over nine weeks. Also at this course the students will read articles, do tests, write, and solve problems related to the articles, in groups as well as individually. Note that some group work is obligatory!

Please note that the courses require quite some time from the participants! Most students use over 4 hours per week for the G2 course, but it varies depending on background knowledge and how used they are to studying.


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