G1 General Course
G1 Cat Ownership

G1 - General Course 1 - Cat ownership

 The G1 course has the following contents:
  • Anatomy, an introduction
  • Behaviour
  • Basic information about food and nutrition
  • Indoor cat? Outdoor cat?
  • How to find the right cat breeder
  • Pedigree cat or mix breed?
  • Laws and rules regarding buying cats
  • Contracts
  • Safe environment for the cat
  • Poisoning
  • Litter trays and cat litter
  • Neuter/spay
  • Health checks
  • Vaccinations
  • The elderly cat
  • Parasites
  • Common diseases and health problems
  • Health programmes
  • Cat breeds
  • Cat colours
  • Cat shows
  • Breeding?

This course is running over six weeks. The students will read articles, do tests, write, and solve problems related to the articles, in groups as well as individually.

The entire course is done over the internet. You will be sitting at home working. For some of the assignments however you will need to be in contact with other participants. This is mainly done through the group forum in the course site, but you could choose other ways to communicate with each other if the participants of the group prefer that.


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