Internet Courses at PawPeds

The PawPeds PawAcademy held its first internet course in autumn 2007. We started with courses in Swedish, but now we also give this course in English, German, and Dutch/Flemish. Translations into German and French are on their way.

We plan for a basic course in three steps about cat care and cat breeding. General course step 1, or G1 for short, is mainly about cat ownership. It is basically for beginners, but also for more experienced breeders who later want to take the higher courses.

Step 2 of the general course, G2, is mainly about having a litter but also includes basic genetics and breeding plans.

Step 3, G3, is planned to be more in depth about selective breeding, genetics, physiology, cat food, behaviour, etc. This is for breeders who have had a few litters already and have taken step 1 and 2 of the general course.

Apart from the general courses we also plan to set up breed specific courses eventually, as well as some other types of courses. But first we'll focus on the three steps of the general course.